NASA Tells You: How She Lost 157 Pounds In A Year Without Exercise.

By Allen Cooper SEP 13, 2023
in Health Tech

Why Do Astronauts Need EMS?

Astronauts face challenges to their bodies in the weightless environment during long-term space missions. This can lead to muscle damage, bone loss, metabolic slowdown, and an increase in weight.

After years of research, NASA exclusively invented a unique and side-effect-free method to solve these issues at the end of 2019 — Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology.

How Does EMS Achieve?

As you may know, the lymphatic system helps the body eliminate toxins, waste, and other harmful substances, including infections, bacteria, and cancer cells. However, the lymphatic system does not have its own pumping mechanism; it relies on regular exercise and deep breathing to aid the flow of lymph.

EMS works by using electric current to stimulate muscles, causing them to contract and relax regularly. Under the stimulation of EMS, the speed of lymph circulation accelerates, fat metabolism ability greatly increases, and muscle strength, growth, and repair also enhance.

Since the lymphatic system is spread throughout the body, EMS was initially adopted in the form of bands that could be used all over the body. However, by the end of 2020, NASA research team found from historical data that astronauts who habitually used EMS on their necks had significantly better overall muscle recovery effects and faster fat metabolism rates than those who typically used EMS on other parts of their bodies.

NASA immediately conducted further clinical experiments on this new discovery, attempting to apply the EMS technology to the areas where the lymphatic tissue is most concentrated in astronauts' necks, particularly the indented area above the seventh cervical vertebra, or above the scapula. They added EMS pulse waves to two electrode patches and designed a hanging device to firmly stick the patches to the astronauts' neck skin, preventing them from falling off in a zero-gravity state. Finally, NASA named this product as SculpWave.

Data as of the end of 2022 shows that the overall recovery and metabolic rates of astronauts have improved by more than 80% compared to the end of 2020!

She Lost 150 Pounds After One Year Of Use

Since the safety of this technique has been verified in astronauts, they introduced SculpWave to their families.  After using it, their family members experienced significant body transformations that caught the attention of those around them. Astronaut Scott's wife, Amiko, lost 150 pounds after using it for a year!

SculpWave has gained public attention, and more and more people are hoping that NASA will make it available to the public. In response to the pressure and public expectations, NASA has decided to make SculpWave accessible to everyone.

NASA Made Further Upgrades

To ensure public safety and enhance the user experience, NASA has further upgraded the SculpWave system.

NASA adjusted the electrical stimulation intensity to 15 levels and added three constant temperature heat therapy levels. The higher the intensity, the faster the weight loss. You can select the intensity level you find most comfortable, controlling your own weight loss journey.

The added three levels of constant temperature heat therapy provide continuous warmth, promoting blood circulation and metabolism, speeding up the fat burning process. People can choose an appropriate level of heat therapy to enjoy a warm and comfortable weight loss experience while slimming down quickly!

SculpWave Has Been Verified Effective By 1588 Volunteers

In 2023, NASA conducted a significant experiment, enlisting 1588 volunteers for a 65-day study. The experiment aimed to determine the effect of varying degrees of electrical stimulation on weight loss.

he research results further validated previous conclusions: the higher the intensity, the better the weight loss. The vast majority of volunteers chose the highest intensity within their tolerance, with a successful weight loss rate of 97.6%! This means that almost all participants lost excess weight within 65 days. Most excitingly, about 50.32% of the participants lost approximately 50 pounds or more in these two months!

Later after that, SculpWave has already helped over 100,000 individuals loss weight in an effortless way. The upgraded SculpWave comes with enhanced features that contribute to:

● Fat Reduction & Calorie Burning
● Relieve Muscle Fatigue
● Muscle Training & Shaping
● Promote Lymphatic Circulation
● Eliminate Waste & Toxins
● Reduce Edema
● Improve Blood Circulation

Why Over 100,000 People Love SculpWave

Where Can You Get SculpWave?

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